Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our Building Story Part 4 - 2012 A Year Of Progress And Changes

Over the winter of 2011/2012 I was expecting our 8th baby. My health wasn't good, but Steve and the kids kept getting things ready for working on our house in the spring. 
Steve pre-built all the interior fir window casings. They were all finished and ready to slide in when the drywalling was done. We also bout all our tongue and groove pine ceiling boards from a saw mill. The kids pre sanded the boards and gave them 3 coats of clear finish so we could install them already finished.
Again, we stacked everything in our rental house garage, ready to ship up the first chance we had in the spring. 

As we had the money, we purchased all the electrical supplies we would need. Steve's brother who is an electrician drew out instructions and a plan for Steve to follow. Our nephew-in-law who is a plumber actually made a trip to our place in the early spring to rough-plumb for free. :)

Our precious little girl was born the end of March 2012.

My health was recovering, and Steve and the three oldest kids made their first trip up to our land at the beginning of May. Our relatives were still happy to lend us their cabin to stay in on our trips. Our work season would have been MUCH shorter every year if we were still tenting instead of staying in their snug cabin! We were so thankful for this!

The first order of business was the electrical and plumbing. As I mentioned we had help with the plumbing from a relative. Steve tackled the wiring and did a great job. I always chuckle at this picture as one of the wires is labelled "Outhouse Lights". It is not every house that has such a switch!

Since we are going to be using solar power only, we had to plan for efficiency. The inside panel remains standard though. 

As soon as Steve was done with a wall, the kids started Insulating. That is always an unpleasant job!

With our harsh winters in Northern Alberta, good insulation is so important!

The future Bathroom.

That is how they left it in May. A month later at the beginning of June, Steve and the kids went up again to bring up the pine ceiling and stair case. They got the whole upstairs ceiling finished. We were still unsure about the downstairs ceiling, but we ended up doing it pine as well later on that summer. 

Stairs and posts ready to install later.

It sure made the upstairs look homey to have the pine on! 

End of Part 4 of Our Building Story.
To Be continued....

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