Monday, February 16, 2015

Storage Shed

Early fall 2014, we decided that a storage shed would be our next build. With a small house, it is important for us to have somewhere to store off-season items, keep a deep freeze, and  tools out of the weather. 
Steve and our 16 yr old son began levelling places for cement blocks for treated beams to sit on.

The weather was unseasonably warm for September which was wonderful....but we were all hot and sweaty after working. We have rustic bathing facilities (ie. rubber made tub) but it is very mobile. So on the nice evenings, we had bathtime in the deck. With swimsuits on (just in case we had company) we took turns bathing in the great outdoors.  

The floor was done and the walls built.

We ran out of time and energy so we stacked the walls on the finished floor and stapled house wrap 
over the whole thing. It would have to wait for the next trip.

Packing up to go home.

The kids enjoying a natural playground in our pasture. 

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